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A shot taken for a documentary about Khayelitsha (Xhosa: "New home" - pron.: Cayaleetsha), a huge township sitting about 30 km south-east of fancy world destination Cape Town, South Africa.

As recent (2020) estimates of Khayelitsha's population state 2.4 million inhabitants, it is meanwhile likely to be the largest slum in the world.

With approx. 12,000 registered crimes -- among those 400 murders -- per year, and a dark figure believed to be at least twice that number, Khayelitsha is also said to be one of the most dangerous places in the world.
(Source: Wikipedia: Khayelitsha)

Nonetheless, the huge township is also a place where a subculture of self-governed mutual assistance has been developing over the last 20 years and an incredible amount of remarkable artwork can be seen everywhere throughout its vast area.

Quite a pity that the South African ANC-government (one of the most corrupt in the world, see wikipedia and many other international sources) has not been able to provide better life conditions to their very own people in Khayelitsha for more than two decades.

Their blatant and just shameful support for their ally Russia seems to be more important. An ally that has unleashed an illegal war on the sovereign country of Ukraine and has ordered its soldiers to raze hospitals, kill unarmed civilians on their bicycles or at their homes, rape teenage girls for days and then kill them, or just kill their mothers in front of them.

That support seems to be more productive to this South African government than taking care of their very own people in Khayelitsha. Well, it will certainly be more lucrative.

I guess the freedom fighters whose successors these people claim to be would turn over in their graves seeing this.


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